Who is Soft Open, you may ask yourself. This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife. How did I get here? Flashback, warm nights, almost left behind in Las Vegas when Kenward Cooper was a kid in the city getting his American Kix off with weekly trips to the record shop, buying up every LP and magazine in sight, until he started his own zine called Rockstar and covered the LA scene and beyond. Mark Slaughter was his guitar teacher, long before the rocker was Up All Night, sleeping all day. 
Kenward started a band in high school with Ashley Hamilton (son of actor George Hamilton). They had development deals with labels at 16 years old. One company flew them to NYC for a couple weeks of recording. They put them up at the Chelsea Hotel, in the room Nancy died. Kenward saw a ghost for the first time. 
In the late 90’s Kenward Cooper had a band with then wife, in Vegas. Her being French, they promoted themselves as a modern day Bonnie & Clyde, ala Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot. Kenward later found out he shares the same birthday as Bardot. Many years later the boy/girl image they presented as This Episode had now been adopted by White Stripes, and countless bands after would follow suit. 
The wife would run off with a pre-Killers band member. Kenward would move to NYC. It was there he met one of the Good Charlotte brothers. Emails exchanged, songs sent. One of which would end up being transformed into a Hillary Duff hit. A different kind of ghost.
When something’s going wrong, you must whip it. Go forward, move ahead. 
Soft Open is Kenward’s latest offering. Open up and say ahh. The single “My Favorite Records” released January 2019 is produced by Rick Parker (Lord Huron, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). Also known for his band in the 80’s called Lions & Ghosts, whom released two records on EMI. Guest starring on the track is Michael Lockwood, also from that band. He was married to Lisa Marie Presley, was her band leader, as well as previous stints with Aimee Mann, and Fiona Apple. You could say Kenward deviously plotted a reunion for Lions & Ghosts as Michael and Rick haven’t been in the studio together since 1989. Until now. 
Watch the video and you’ll see all Kenward’s favorite records. Take your pick, George Michael’s “Faith,” Japan’s “Gentlemen Take Polaroids,” Cheap Trick’s debut self-title. None of these belong in the same sentence or collection. They do if your moniker is Soft Open, and the single is called “My Favorite Records.” It’s only music, and music is a mood. This single celebrates influences and inspirations.